Topic: Serie C picks 13/5

Pavia - Pro Sesto

Pro Sesto won their last meeting 2 - 0 and have a pretty ok form. But Pavia are struggling and are at the bottom of the Serie C1.

Pro Sesto to win.

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Sangiovannese - Sassuolo

Sangiovannese won their last meeting 0 - 1. But they have a very poor form, while Sassuolo have good form and have a great form to win this match.

Sassuolo to win.

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Venezia - Pisa

Their last meeting ended in a goalless draw but this time I believe Pisa has a great chance of winning the match with the form they have shown.

Pisa to win.

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Padova - Grosseto

Grosseto is at the top of the table. They won their last meeting 3 - 1 and are showing pretty good form. But I believe this could end in a 1-1 draw.

This match could end in a draw.