Topic: Jose's summer shopping list?

Who do you believe Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has on his shopping list for this summer?

Alex, Micah Richards, Torres, David Villa, Carlos Tevez?

Or would he just decide to recall Crespo from Inter Milan and bring in Kaka from AC Milan? tongue

Tell me your views on this?

Re: Jose's summer shopping list?

Tevez I think.
Villa or Torres should go to Liverpool

Re: Jose's summer shopping list?

Do you believe Liverpool will be able to sign Villa or Torres... I believe Benitez will spend as he usually does.. Sign a lot of players and none big big star signings.

Re: Jose's summer shopping list?

I believe with new owner it will change.
Americans came to Liverpool to earn. So they need big stars to make business going on shirts, tickets etc.

Re: Jose's summer shopping list?

Lets put it this way. If they do not bring in any star players and spend a lot of money, the fans will get angry at the Americans. And I believe some will, when they look at Manchester United who have spent around £50million so far in the summer market, and are still looking at a new striker.

I believe Chelsea's russian owner also have to splash out some cash soon.