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Friedel warns Lloris over starting spot

Brad Friedel has warned Hugo Lloris that he will not take his Tottenham spot easily.

Lloris has arrived from Lyon but Friedel currently holds the number one spot between the sticks for Tottenham.

"Hugo Lloris is going to come in and he's going to be, I'm assuming, a very good goalkeeper. It's a tricky situation to come into the Premier League because it does take some learning," he told Goals on Sunday.

"When I first came in I had probably my worst year-and-a-half spell of my entire career at Liverpool while I was learning my way - but it's an invaluable experience as well.

"Hugo Lloris is France's No 1 and he's going to want to come in and play; it's a friendly competition, if you like. You have to understand Hugo Lloris is going to be a team-mate, not an enemy.

"I want to play; I've always wanted to play. However, I would never demean the manager or spit my dummy out, so to speak, if I'm not.

"The fact of the matter is, right now, we have four quality goalkeepers at the football club. Right now I believe the shirt is mine to lose. I believe the manager came out and said that."

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