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Zamparini explains Sannino firing

Maurizio Zamparini has said he fired Guiseppe Sannino as Palermo coach because his team did not work hard or show determination.

Zamparini, who is famous for getting through many coaches a season, had vowed to stick by Sannino.

“Sannino did not have the team in hand and didn’t believe in our chances because he couldn’t keep hold of it,” Zamparini told Radio Radio.

“He was meant to be The Gerenal, but he didn’t manage it. He wasn’t in sync with the side and I noted the players didn’t go towards him to celebrate when they scored the goal.

“Sannino’s sides were famous for their determination, character and hard work, but I didn’t see any of those characteristics against difficult opponents.

“At times just five games are enough to evaluate a tactician. I focused on promising young Coaches because I cannot afford big stars. If I could, then I’d call someone like Antonio Conte."

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