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Wenger backed by Cruyff

Johan Cruyff has backed Arsene Wenger amid growing criticism of the Arsenal coach.

It has been a difficult season for Arsenal so far, again, leading to speculation over the Frenchman's future for the first time.

"I have huge respect for clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal. Someone like Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, not only how the man performs, but he now represents the standards and values of the club. I feel the same about Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

"I find it incredibly amazing that under his leadership the club have remained at the very top for years, without running up debt. Arsene has been able to identify with Arsenal.

"While those around him in the Premier League have built up enormous debts, he was sharp with training and scouting and did not do anything crazy in the transfer market. Wenger’s work at Arsenal is an example for Ajax of how to do it.

"I cannot imagine why the position of Wenger is up for discussion because he has built the club so that the problem can always be solved."

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