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Rodgers understands Suarez frustration

Brendan Rodgers says he can understand Luis Suarez's frustration and why he might want to leave England.

Suarez was given an excessively harsh 10 match ban this week for biting an opponent.

"Yes, I do understand, 100%," Rodgers said. "This is a guy who I see on a daily basis trying very hard. His two passions in life are his family and Liverpool Football Club. He throws his life into that.

"It is part of his make-up you can't change that but I genuinely think he is trying to adapt those traits he has grown up with as a kid to life and the culture here.

"Each time he makes a step forward we find ways to beat him with a stick and beat him down. I can understand if he felt like that [wanting to quit England] in a moment of reflection."

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