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Mourinho hits back at Pepe as Madrid civil war escalates

Jose Mourinho has criticised defender Pepe after the player had attacked his manager last week.

Pepe had a go at Mourinho for his treatment of Iker Casillas, but the Portuguese has responded in scathing terms towards his defender.

"You just have to be a normal person like me or like almost everyone in this room to know that we are talking about frustration," Mourinho said.

"His problem has a name: Raphael Varane. It's not easy for a man of 31 years, with status and history, to be trampled over by a kid of 19. But that's the law of life. On a sporting level Pepe's life has changed.

"I have no problem with him. I understand that it's not an easy situation but I have to try to be honest and I think that there are very few people who don't think that the future of Real Madrid in defence is Varane with Sergio Ramos."

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