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Mourinho denies Mata or Luiz are for sale

Jose Mourinho has said that Juan Mata and David Luiz are not for sale despite reports that Chelsea are offering the pair to other clubs.

Earlier this week it emerged that Manchester United were offered one of the players in exchange for Wayne Rooney, although Chelsea have strenuously denied this was the case.

"I spoke with them during the summer, in my period of holiday and their period of the Confederations Cup, yes," Mourinho said. "But when they finished the Confederations Cup I just wished them luck and told them that I will see them on the 28th.

"I am not going to contact them based on news that are not true, and that they know that is not true because I have told them they are very important for me. How can I change that two days later because of a news [story]? So no, no contact with them."

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