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Rodgers urges Suarez loyalty

Brendan Rodgers has urged Luis Suarez to be loyal to Liverpool for standing by him over the last two years.

Liverpool have given Suarez solid support during difficult periods when he was accused of racism and bit Branislav Ivanovic. Suarez has said he wants to leave England, so his angling for a move to Arsenal has bemused the club's fans.

"The only talks there have been are between Luis and myself. There's no doubt the market nowadays is very small so Luis will always be linked with top clubs but I think the support he's received from the supporters and the people of the city of Liverpool has been unrivalled," said Rodgers.

"In the period of time he's missed a lot of games for various reasons and the people have stood by him like a son and really looked after him. So I'm sure that, whatever happens in the coming weeks, that will be on his mind because it's certainly something you can never forget."

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