France Readies itself for Euro 2016 with Increased Security

Uefa Euro 2016

The host country is, of course, France and as a result of the games tens of thousands of fans are expected to head over in order to support their teams.

While the tourist trade in France is certain to enjoy a huge boost as a result of this influx of visitors, there is one thing that is causing concern. The recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels have understandably had to be taken into consideration during the time when Euro 2016 takes place. Officials have therefore had to take steps to maximise on security.

A country that wants to be prepared

Euro 2016 kicks off on June 10th with games being held at a variety of different venues across the country. Many English fans will be making their way to France where they will be able to enjoy supporting their team and even placing bets on sites such as Coral. Many will also be looking at the England betting odds at Coral like England vs Wales as well as benefitting from up to date information and news about the games.

It is just as well that fans will have access to sites such as Coral, as according to some reports there is a chance that they may not even get to see the games in person. Why? Because according to UEFA there is a chance that European Championship games could be moved to different venues and played on different dates to those scheduled, which means that there would be no fans present. This is one of the various steps being considered in order to try and reduce the risk of terrorist attacks at a time when the country will be brimming with tourists.

France has also confirmed that the security budget has been increased by 15 percent in order to enhance security measures during the tournament. Authorities have already started simulating a variety of threats including biological and chemical threats so that they can be as prepared as possible. In addition to this, thousands of extra people have been taken on to provide security during the event.

In short, the fact that an event as big as Euro 2016 is being held in France has resulted in the country’s state of emergency being extended in order to reduce all terrorist risks. At present, the current state of emergency runs out towards the end of May but officials have said that with around 2.5 million people expected for the games the decision had to be made to prolong it.