Diouf ponder Bolton future

The 26-year-old striker said: “I just want to get everything clear in my head.

“I want to talk with the chairman and the manager because I want everything to be clear.

“If the manager tells me he has confidence in me, I do well. If I don’t see that, I don’t think I can stay.

“Right now as I talk, this is my crowd and this is my club.

“I don’t know tomorrow, it is another day. Maybe tomorrow I go.

“Of course I was disappointed not to be on at the start (against Newcastle). I am a footballer and I want to play every game.

“This is my crowd and everybody loves me here – that is why I want to play against Newcastle and every time there is a game.

“They decided I wasn’t playing, though, and that was it.

“I respect the boss and his decision and I am here for the time.”