Why Manchester United must sell Casemiro this summer

Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Casemiro
Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Casemiro. Photo by Shutterstock.

As Manchester United conclude another tumultuous season, difficult decisions loom on the horizon.

Among them is the future of Casemiro, the Brazilian midfielder whose transition from Real Madrid once heralded a new defensive era at Old Trafford. However, recent performances, notably the dire showing in the 4-0 thrashing by Crystal Palace, have underscored a glaring decline.

Casemiro’s illustrious career at Real Madrid painted him as one of football’s premier defensive midfielders, a narrative that Manchester United banked on when signing him. Yet, the rigors of the Premier League and a shifting role within Erik ten Hag’s squad have exposed vulnerabilities not previously seen in his game.

His outing against Crystal Palace was telling. Deployed in an unfamiliar center-back role due to United’s injury crisis, Casemiro was directly at fault for two goals. This mishap wasn’t an isolated incident but a part of a worrying trend of costly errors and a noticeable drop in pace. Jamie Carragher’s commentary on Sky Sports post-match was damning, suggesting Casemiro might fare better in less demanding leagues like MLS or Saudi Arabia’s Pro League.

Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Casemiro
Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Casemiro. Photo by Shutterstock.

The suggestion to move Casemiro on isn’t merely a reaction to a single poor performance but a contemplation of his fit in the current United setup. At 31, his best years are arguably behind him, and the high-intensity, fast-paced nature of the Premier League is unforgiving to players whose prime attributes wane.

Casemiro exit will be a boost to United’s finances

Financially, United’s obligation to adhere to stricter financial fair play norms adds another layer of complexity. Casemiro’s significant wages, reflective of a top-tier import, could be reallocated to younger, more dynamic talent that aligns with Ten Hag’s long-term vision. The funds from his potential transfer could bolster areas of the squad in desperate need of rejuvenation.

Moreover, Casemiro’s current market value remains relatively high, given his reputation and experience. This presents United with a dwindling window to secure a return on investment. Waiting another season could diminish his value, especially if his performances continue to decline.

Manchester United must rebuild

Manchester United’s rebuild under Ten Hag is about shaping a squad capable of sustained challenges domestically and in Europe. This requires tough calls, particularly about star names like Casemiro, who, despite their pedigree, may not fit the tactical or physical demands of the manager’s plans.

While it’s never easy to bid farewell to players of Casemiro’s caliber, football is as much a game of future planning as it is of current performances. For United, the future may need to be envisioned without the Brazilian, if they are to return to the zenith of English and European football. Manchester United must get rid of Casemiro in the 2024 summer transfer window.