Carragher urges Man Utd star to retire or ‘move to Saudi Arabia or MLS’

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher. Photo by Shutterstock.

Jamie Carragher has publicly advised Manchester United midfielder Casemiro to retire from top-tier football following his role in United’s 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace.

During a nightmarish performance, where Casemiro played as an emergency centre-back, his mistakes directly led to two goals, highlighting a steep decline in his form.

Jamie Carragher, speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, suggested that the Brazilian’s time at the highest level might be over, recommending moves to lesser leagues in Saudi Arabia or MLS as more appropriate options for his current capabilities.

Casemiro has been strongly linked with an exit from Manchester United in the 2024 summer transfer window.

This harsh critique comes as Manchester United grapple with an injury crisis and face the risk of missing out on European football next season.

Casemiro, once celebrated as one of football’s finest defensive midfielders, now faces a critical career crossroads after Carragher declared that “football has left him.”

“I said at half-time he’s (Ten Hag) got to bring Casemiro off,” Carragher said.

“I know he’s got kids on the bench but I think Casemiro, deadly serious, should know himself tonight as an experienced player that he should only have another three games left at the top level. The next two league games and the [FA] cup final. 

“And he should be thinking “I need to go to the MLS or Saudi”. I’m deadly serious. He’s aging, the people around him they need to tell him this has to stop.

“We are watching one of the greats of the modern time playing in one of the best midfields we’ve seen who dominated Europe. 

“Him holding, [Toni] Kroos to one side [Luka] Modric to the other was one of the best midfields. Could easily go up against the Barcelona midfield we all loved (with) [Sergio] Busquets, Xavi and [Andres] Iniesta. 

“He’s been an absolute great. I am nowhere near on a level of what that man has achieved. Champions Leagues, playing for Brazil, playing for Real Madrid.

“But I always remember something when I retired myself, there was a saying I always  remember as a footballer, “leave the football before the football leaves you”. 

“The football has left him at this top level he needs to call it a day at this level of football and move.”

He added: “He will have earned a right few quid, good luck to him. They pay him off and they do some sort of deal but the level of that player he should not be putting himself through this. 

“He’s too good of a player to put in a performance like that and be laughed at by Crystal Palace. He’s not playing Manchester City, he’s not playing Real Madrid, all due to Crystal Palace. 

“A man of that level should not be going through what he’s going through. He needs to call it a day.”