Gattuso to return to Rangers

Gattuso spent a season at Ibrox Park, and was popular with his committed style of playing.

The Italian said: “I don’t know when it will happen but it will happen. I just have to go back and it’s a promise I have made to myself and [Rangers chairman] David Murray.

“I spoke to David in August in Edinburgh and he told me the door was always open for me. There won’t be any problems with money. I know they are going through a bad time financially, and I won’t go there to take a pension either.

“I won’t go at 35 or 36. I’ll go when I’ve still got something to offer them, at European level as well as Scottish.

“When I left Glasgow, it wasn’t through the main door, I was forced to flee almost like some sort of thief, at four in the morning. That’s stuck in my throat since.

“I’ve got a debt towards Rangers fans because of the way I left. They helped me get where I am. I just have to go back.”