Imrie backs Hamilton to improve

The Accies finished 7th last season but have suffered to consecutive 4-0 so far this season.

“We had a good pre-season but the first few games haven’t gone as planned,” the midfielder told “It’s been disappointing for the players.

“We all knows it’s our own mistakes that have been at fault for the defeats, so on that front we know how we need improve in order to go on.

“We’re only two games into the new season so there are plenty of games to rectify that. The way we finished last season there’s no reason why we cannot do that this year.

“We’ve got a lot of influential players out injured at the moment. I know you can’t make excuses, but these players are a big part of Hamilton. For them not to be involved in the early part of the season is a big loss.

“It’s difficult for a lot of the new boys who have come in haven’t played together. The team needs time to gel as well. I’m sure that once we get our more influential players back we’ll be okay.”