Kezman happy with first goal for Zenit

Kezman scored in Zenit’s 2-0 win over CSKA Moscow at the weekend.

“I will remember this match as the first game in which I was part of the Zenit starting eleven,” Kezman said to Sport Express. “Furthermore, I am very happy that I managed to score a goal for my team, even though it was only a spot kick.

“We opened the scoring at the right moment. We got the chance to discuss our tactics for the second half of the match in the dressing room almost immediately after our goal. CSKA are a very good team with several strong players in their squad.

“They created several scoring opportunities but we shouldn’t forget that we also got the chance to score at least two more goals. I should have scored one more goal…

“CSKA have a very strong defence and it was quite hard to break it to get closer to their goal. However, Szabolcz Huszti and Vladimir Bystrov created scoring chances for us and we scored twice to secure the victory.”