Klose confident ahead of Spain clash

Klose insists that Spain are not invincible.

“Spain are certainly a better team than our previous opponents England and Argentina, they are a fantastic team.” the forward said.

“I caught a rerun of their game with Paraguay, it was a great game but it showed that Spain are not invincible, not unbeatable. We have to filter out their weaknesses and then exploit them.”

Spain managed to beat Germany 1-0 two years ago at the European Championships.

“You can’t compare the games, just as there was no way you could compare Saturday’s game with Argentine with the game against them in 2006.” he said. “These are different squads now, with different players.

“Spain still reign supreme in Europe but in terms of quality I think we have improved considerably.

“We have introduced a fresh attitude and fresh blood. A few years ago people said that it was a shame that no attackers or creative midfielders were coming through (in Germany) but time has proved them wrong.”