Kreis happy to finally open the Rio Tinto stadium

The Utah side only managed a 1-1 draw against New York Red Bulls in their opener after goals by Dave Van Den Bergh (NY) and Jamison Olave (RSL).

Kreis said: “It was a fantastic experience out there tonight, and a terrific atmosphere for a big game.

“I think, maybe, it was too good of an atmosphere, really, for what we saw out there because the quality of the soccer, I think, was a little bit lower than what we’re used to seeing over the past few weeks. I think our guys looked very, very nervous.

“I don’t think our possession was crisp enough tonight. A lot of that, to me, was because players were nervous about losing the ball and were making decisions a lot later than they usually do.

“Usually we make those decisions, we play the ball, and we move on. I think tonight we were just a little half-second delayed because we were nervous.”