UEFA president Platini calls for end of G14

He said: “Now we can put an end to our quarrels, we can stop seeing each other before the courts, we can stop making a spectacle of ourselves in front of the whole of Europe.

“I call officially on the major and important clubs in European football to disband their elitist grouping, to withdraw the various lawsuits that they have brought before the courts, and to join together with all the other clubs to engage in a fruitful, productive and democratic dialogue with the other members of the European football family.

“Presidents and heads of the major clubs – let us profit from your great experience and your ideas.

“Tell us about your convictions. UEFA’s door is wide open – join us, and I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

“I am convinced that you will hear this appeal, because it is being made in the sense of history, and with progress at the service of football in mind.”