Wolves winger keen on January return

The 23-year-old recently had an surgery on his injured ankle, but has started his rehabilitation.

“The operation was one of the most minor you can have and went really well,” he said in the Express and Star.

“Hopefully I could be running by Christmas and then fully fit again at some point during January.

“If I can get fully fit, hopefully I’ll be able to help the team and play more Premier League football.

“It feels like I haven’t had that chance to be at my best yet and that’s frustrating and disappointing.

“I went to see the foot surgeon and he said I could have dislocated my foot and also my knee as well.

“When you hear that, it puts everything into perspective and you realize it could have been something really bad.

“When I saw the footage of the incident I was pretty pleased it wasn’t a lot worse.

“The day after it happened I went for a scan and I was pretty down and disappointed to be honest. I thought I’d be out for a while.”