Homesickness about to drive Tevez from Manchester

Carlos Tevez has once again insisted that he wishes to leave Manchester City, in the latest in a much travelled road of the Argentine.

Tevez has long bemoaned life in England, suffering whilst somehow managing to play with his heart genuinely in the game. But he is much like many South Americans, who come from poor backgrounds, move thousands of miles from home at a young age in search of fame and fortune, and once they have made their money, their motivation goes.

For Tevez, this certainly seems the case. Here is a player who still plays to ensure that he has enough money for his future, and more crucially, for his daughter, who lives in Argentina with her mother, whom Tevez recently got back together with.

Having moved from United to City in search of the wages which would enable him to retire as quickly as possible and move back home to his family and friends in Argentina, Tevez’s patience with the north west appears to wear thin.

The Argentine has failed to learn to speak English sufficiently, and living in Manchester is hardly the most attractive of places at the best of times. For Tevez, it seems the end of a hard road for him is over. He has made his millions at both United and City, and now is time for him to go somewhere a little more like home, to play in a place that speaks the same language as he does.

Where will he go? It’s unlikely to be Barcelona, who have avoided making a move for him in the past, whilst a move to Inter Milan has floundered. Real Madrid seem the most obvious destination, with Jose Mourinho still wanting a forward.

But perhaps moving to Brazil is an option. Brazil is fast growing economically and its teams can now compete with some European sides on wages. None can give what Manchester City can, but they can renumerate well enough to give a player a decent living comparable with what they may get at a mid table team in England or Spain.

For Tevez, he is used to Brazil, having played there for Corinthians, who have recently lost Ronaldo to retirement and may be in the market for a new marquee name. In Brazil, unlike in England, idols are made of figureheads whom a side can be built around.

It seems unlikely that the forward would return to Argentina; the wages on offer are still low, and would be unlikely to meet Tevez’s demands. It presents the conundrum that the player has faced for a while. To whom can he move? The options on offer aren’t huge, but Eastlands seems one he seems determined to discount.

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