AC Milan ace Kaka: We dominated the derby

AC Milan won the clash 1-0 after a goal by Ronaldinho.

Inter boss Jose Mourinho said after the match that he felt “neither side deserved to win”.

“It’s true we scored the goal, but other than that I think Milan dominated the match and always tried to play attacking football,” said Kaka after match.

“Mourinho makes me laugh, like when he said Dejan Stankovic’s foul was really me pretending to be injured as a tactical choice. It’s funny.

“We are all professionals and off the field everyone is friends. We defend our colours on the pitch, but ultimately we all know each other.”

He added: “It’s wonderful to see Ronaldinho so happy and determined to become a decisive player again. He is working so hard and is on his way back.

“We may make different lifestyle choices, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and play together. I am very glad he’s here, as he has brought many things the team was missing.”