Ameobi: The lack of strikers has hurt us

He said: “The lack of strikers has hurt us. If you took Thierry Henry away from Arsenal and Didier Drogba away from Chelsea they wouldn’t be the same teams. We’ve got faith in the manager and know we’ve got the ability to get out of this, to put a run of wins together.

“The dressing room is behind Glenn, that’s never been in doubt. We know what Glenn did for us last season, the belief he put into players and the way we feel about him has not changed.

“When you get bad results, people outside think the players have turned against the manager but that is not the case; we’re fully behind Glenn.”

He added: “Glenn is honest; he tells us what he thinks whether we want to hear it or not. If he doesn’t agree with something you’re doing, he’ll tell you to your face, he won’t go behind your back. Because we know he’s honest we trust his judgment and we all respond to him.”