Ancelotti: It’s not dramatic

Ancelotti said: “We did all we could to win the match. It’s not a very lucky period, but no matter, let’s not dramatize things. Perhaps we lacked a bit of speed in the first half and towards the end we became onfocused.

“It’s too bad because in these matches small episodes are crucial and lately we haven’t been lucky. Today Gilardino hit the crossbar and Pirlo scored an unfairly disallowed goal. At Livorno they didn’t give us a penalty and at Lens another goal was disallowed.

“It’s a shame because once you open the score in these types of matches things become a lot easier. However this is the first mistake we have made this season, because a draw at Livorno is acceptable.

“The goal problem? It’s not dramatic. Gila hasn’t scored yet but we’re convinced he will find the net soon.”