Aragonés: I have no intention of quitting

Aragonés said: “My future depends on the Federation and a little on the press. I am a man that has spent a long time in football.

“I do not see why I should have to resign. We have lost two consecutive games and one only one against a lesser team, but there are still a lot of games to go.

“I know that these things can happen. I do not have stand down now and whether I stay on or not depends on the Federation.

“Having spent so long in the game I feel I have what it takes to change things. We have only played three matches and are sitting just one points the team in second place.

“I have been through many moments like this in my career and have come through them.

“I admit that we have now lost twice and there is pressure, but I just have to carry on.

“In the second half we risked playing three defenders and that was when we had the most chances and they only scored their second moments after we had a chance to equalise.”