Australia lodge World Cup bid

Fifa will make a final decision in December 2010 and Australia will face competition from countries like England, America, South Korea, Russia and a joint bid from Portugal and Spain.

“Australia is part of the fastest growing region in world football and I think that is very important to Fifa. It’s very important to us and it’s very important to the Asian Football Federation.” Bonita Mersiades of the Football Federation of Australia told Sky Sports News.

“Whether that is an advantage or a disadvantage, it is too soon to say one way or the other. But I think the great thing about opening it up to any country and going beyond the rotation system is that it gives a number of countries the opportunity to put their hands up.

“It also shows the strength of football around the world. There are 13 countries and 11 bidders for the 2018 and/or 2022 World Cup and the fact that there is such a strong interest shows it truly is the global game and a game people want to be part of.

“All around the world people are vying for it and I think that’s a positive sign for the sport as a whole.”