Becks happy with Capello

The 34-year-old managed to break back into the Three Lions squad under Capello.

“He has changed the mentality of the players,” said Beckham.

“The way the players prepare themselves, the way we spend the week together, is very serious and very concentrated.

“It is working because we are not just winning games. We are together as a team.

“Even when we have come in at half-time and we are not winning, there is a spirit that you can feel. That is what the manager has done. He has given the players confidence.”

“When you are playing for your country and you are only coming together once a month, or once every couple of months it is always tough,” he continued.

“But he has brought something to the players where when we have come together it is like you have seen them the day before.

“I believe we have got a chance if we play like we have been playing and have the togetherness we have shown all the way through the qualifiers.

“You need a certain amount of luck along the way but we have got the players and we have got the team.

“Everything is set up right. It is only down to the players to perform.”