Becks to be offered AC Milan deal

The Italian giants are still confident they will manage to sign the LA Galaxy ace.

The MLS side has demanded that Beckham return to the club on March 9, when his loan deal ends.

Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti insisted: “We have still got 20 days to close the deal. At the moment Beckham is indispensable for Milan. Galaxy has forced the situation, but there is time before March 9.”

Milan general manager Adriano Galliani vowed: “The negotiations for Beckham are continuing. Let’s see what happens in a month.”

And Beckham’s spokesman Simon Oliveira added: “We will be addressing this early next week.”

One high-ranking Milan insider told News of the World: “The loan contract says he has to go back on March 9 but we are confident we can work out a different deal with the Galaxy.

“We are discussing with David the possibility of extending his stay with us at least until the end of next season.”