Bin Hammam determined to clear name

Bin Hammam believes a campaign is out to get him, and is set to be punished heavily by FIFA in the coming days.

“Why was the ethics committee in such a hurry to suspend me before the election took place, and then begin to search for evidence to find if I am guilty or not?

“Why have I not been treated in a similar way to others who, according to the ethics committee, received inducements? With just a few days to go before my hearing, there can be no doubt that there has been a campaign waged within certain quarters to ensure that I am seen to be guilty and eliminated from football in the court of public opinion, even before my hearing has started.

“The leaking of confidential information by individuals to the media, before the entire story had been told in a manner that is fair to all sides, was done for their own purposes and personal agendas.”