Blackpool boss hopeful of Adam stay

Adam has been linked with a move away from the club after taking Blackpool to ta Premier League arbitration court over alleged unpaid bonuses.

“Well he’s one of my best players so it’s a no-brainer isn’t it,” Holloway said.

“Get in there kid, go and score your penalty, go and pass it.

“His pass got the penalty, some of his passes were fantastic. It was just whether he could do that with that ankle.

“He had a numbing injection with no risk to the joint, I’m happy to do that. Never in doubt.

“But he’s scared of needles. Seriously. We had to do it yesterday, because he is literally scared of needles.

“So we had to hold him down. Well done to the boy. If you have got a phobia, then it is very difficult isn’t it.

“It just shows how much he wants to play for us. I’m glad he did and hopefully he’ll keep doing it.”