Bruce happy to see Keane return

Keane commented on his former United team-mate’s managerial achievements on Thursday afternoon.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it, absolutely terrific,” said Bruce on Sky Sports News about Keane’s return. “We’ve missed him.

“I have to say I’m delighted to see him back. I think football’s a better place when he’s in it and, for you guys (the media), he’s a dream.

“I think it’s probably taken out of context what he said yesterday, but I can understand where he comes from.

“The thing about Roy is he always wants to achieve, but it’s very difficult to win anything unless you’re in one of the big clubs. If you’re at a big club, you’ve got to win something that’s for sure.

“But it was a bit surprising to say the least. But I’m glad he’s back because he’s a great lad underneath it all.”

Bruce added: “What is achievement? The big clubs win everything, I suppose that’s what he’s alluding to, but now it’s very difficult for any club outside the top four or five.

“So you cut your cloth accordingly and you can only do what you can do.”