Catania president: We have no relationship with the Ultras

Pulvirenti said: “We have never accepted compromises with these people and never will, but for three years this battle has been raging. After the riots against Messina, we barred out fans from reaching Florence for the next game by refusing to sell them tickets. That was our strong signal and the commission for security in stadiums praised us. It has become a daily challenge and we can’t do much about it on our own.

“The Ultras asked us for free tickets, money for away trips, lots of things that we always rejected. Our policy has been rigorous and inflexible. At the Massimino, everyone has to pay their way.

“The majority of our fans are good people, but unfortunately there is a minority of delinquents and criminals who live barbaric lives. Because of them, we’ve had to pay £132,000 in fines plus a two-match home ban.”