Eriksson feels ‘let down’ by Campbell

Campbell walked away from a five-year deal with the Mapgies just weeks after signing on Wednesday.

“Yes, a little bit, but I think everybody has the same feeling – the players, the coaching staff, the directors and the fans because he is a big football name and a very important player,” he exclusively told Sky Sports News.

“I am very disappointed, very much so because we signed him and we thought we would have him for a long, long time. He would have been an important player for us, but that’s life. He didn’t like it, so he went.

“The real reasons, I really don’t know. He didn’t like the training pitch, the dressing room, things like that. But he knew that before, we showed him around before he signed.

“I don’t think it’s fair at all. We all know it is a long-term project. Since the new owners came in they have taken on seven or eight new players. You can’t build a new training ground in four or five weeks, that takes time.”

He added: “We know that we are not perfect, but it’s a long project and that project goes on without Sol Campbell.

“The project is the same, we felt sorry that he has gone, but nothing has changed. I am not leaving.”