FA Chairman impressed by Capello

Triesman said: “These are indeed very good times. Fabio is doing a serious job very seriously and the result is we are all incredibly happy because we are beginning to see something that has not been here for a very long time.”

He added: “With Fabio, a training camp is exactly that. Fabio is serious but there’s not an ugly atmosphere. It’s not a boot camp. Nobody is walking around looking as miserable as sin.

“Professional athletes are being asked to behave professionally. The players should apply themselves to the task of winning.

“By my sense of it, they are getting as much pleasure out of that as anything I have seen.

“When I look at Wembley last week, England won 5-1 in a World Cup qualifier with Kazakhstan. The fans were incredibly happy in a way we have not seen for a long time.

“If you can’t get joy out of your football, especially when you are winning and when you have someone at the helm who is determined to keep on winning, then I don’t know how you would get your pleasure.”