France to host Euro 2016

France were voted to stage the tounament by Uefas chief executive committee.

“This is a beautiful day for us,” said Jean-Pierre Escalettes, president of the French Football Federation.

“It is a moment of intense emotion to know that in 2016 France will welcome European football and will fulfil its promises.

“What counts for us is to have the full confidence of Uefa and this trust will not be betrayed.

“We also understand the frustration of Italy and Turkey – particularly Turkey, who lost by a single vote after bidding for a third time.”

“The position of the president of Uefa being French is complex and let me say we have had three exceptional bids,” said Platini.

“It was a very narrow decision – the work done by all three federations was outstanding, and I would like to congratulate the French.

“It has been a complicated situation from the outset and I believe there is a sigh of relief from French football, and they can now upgrade all their stadia to make them up to the same standard as other countries in Europe.

“It was not an easy situation for me – I am French, my name is Italian and I have many friends in Turkey. It was the same for Senes Erzik, the [Turkish] first vice-president of Uefa. But Uefa has proved once again that we have democracy.”