Fulham boss blasts Redknapp

Redknapp claimed Ovrebo referee was out of his depth because he was from Norway.

TV pundit Redknapp said: “How many big games has he reffed in Norway? I don’t know why we can’t have the best ref from Germany or Italy.

“I don’t think someone from Norway should be reffing a game with the intensity of this one.”

Hodgson has dismissed the idea that Norwegian refs should not officiate big games.

Hodgson said: “Do people want to go down the Jamie Redknapp route — that only England, Italy and Spain count and everywhere else is no good?”

He added: “Are we going to say, ‘You’re from Spain, you might be OK but the rest of you, Switzerland, France, Poland, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, can go f*** yourselves because you don’t count?’ It’s nonsense.”