Future Fifa vice-president admits England had best bid

Boyce, who will replace Geoff Thompson on the Fifa’s executive committee nest year, admits that Fifa should have been clearer about their criteria.

“It did appear that England had the best bid,” Boyce told Sky Sports News.

“But it appears to me that Fifa wish to take the event to countries that haven’t had it before. If this is their criteria then that should be made clear very early on.

“Russia were always favourites but the criteria needs to be set. I also don’t think they should ever have two World Cup bids on the same date again.”

Boyce admits that he believes that he believes that vote trading took place, as there were two host announcements on the same day.

He said: “Of course, I don’t think there is any doubt, human nature being what it is, that a lot of that probably went on.

“As long as they voted for the country they felt was the best country to host the World Cup then I have no problem with that.

“What I do have a problem with is when people say they are going to vote for a country and don’t do that.

“People should be up front and honest and if they are going to vote for a country that’s up to them but they shouldn’t tell people they will go for them and then not do so.”