Gattuso does not want return to Rangers

Gattus told Milan’s official website: “This is all my fault, I should learn to keep my mouth shut and not release any statements.

“The journalists wrote the exact opposite of what I had said, that is the problem.

“I only declared that Rangers gave me the opportunity to play as a professional on their side, but my will is to end my career at Milan – as everyone knows.

“If this will not happen it will only be because I am no longer able to offer 100 per cent in my performances.

“As long as the club will continue to treat me as they do and the supporters show their affection to me as they have done until now, there is no reason for me to leave the strongest side in the world.

“You all know that I like Scottish football, but after eight years at Milan I don’t really see any other possibilities than ending my career here.”