James backs Green to bounce back

Green made a first-half blunder in the game that ended in a 1-1 draw.

“I didn’t speak to Robert straight after the game because he had to go for a drugs test,” said James.

“But I know that as a goalkeeper – and we all make a mistake like that sometimes – you just have to put it behind you straight away and get on with the game.

“These things happen and he has to get over it. There is no time to dwell. It was one of those things and it changed the game because after that I thought the US team shut up shop and only counter-attacked in the second half.”

“I was fit, we all were,” he continued. “I am ready to play and, of course, I want to play. I have been around a while and this is not my first World Cup. But I know what it is like and I know what to expect.

“You come to the World Cup and you are disappointed to have the numbers 23 and then 12 on your back, but you have to work hard to play. As a professional, now, I have number one and I am still the man with number one even if I was not picked.

“So, like all the other players, when you know you are not playing you have to push to do everything right and not only help everyone else but push hard to get a game. That’s the same for me as anyone else.”