Man Utd boss takes a swipe at Man City

Fergie insists City will face a tough taks to emulate United.

He told the Observer: “It has increased that competitive element between the fans and the media, no doubt about it. The decibel level went up in the last two games [the Carling Cup semi-final ties last month].

“We have to get used to it, have to do something about it and accept the challenge.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a challenge. We have to do what we’re good at and hope it’s good enough.”

Ferguson added: “[Manchester City] is a club with so much wealth they could buy every player in the world, but can they buy a team, can they buy a Manchester United spirit?

“I don’t expect City to be bigger than us, I really don’t, even with all that money.

“The problem with having all that money is that you buy indiscriminately. Sunderland, in the 1950s, the Bank of England team – relegated. I wouldn’t wish relegation on City.”