Man Utd striker Tevez: I’ll play without fear

Tevez said: “It’s a big blow to lose a player like Rooney. And, yes, it will be very hard to replace him. But I have never felt pressure or fear going out to play a game of football. Never, not once in my life.

“I think there were times last season at West Ham when I showed that quality. When times were hard but when we as individuals, and as a team, showed what we were made of.

“It will be the same for me at Manchester United. I will pull on the red jersey and go out with a feeling of purpose and ambition. But there will also be a smile on my face.”

He added: “It was impossible not to realise that this transfer was causing a lot of fuss.

“But I was playing in the South American Championships and it wasn’t until towards the end that I knew just how difficult it had all been. By then, though, Argentina had reached the final and I had a few other things on my mind!

“But I’m here now and that’s all that matters. It was difficult to leave West Ham but, in the end, the lure of Manchester United was too much.”