Mowbray: West Brom ready for Championship

Mowbray believes they are in a better position to get promotion than Boro or Newcastle, who also were relegated.

“I would hope I can keep all the players we want to keep this summer and go into it believing that we’re better than the opposition most weeks,” Mowbray said. “We’ve got to believe we’ll be strong and be confident we can bounce back.”

“If Newcastle, for instance, decide to keep Michael Owen, Mark Viduka and all their other players, then I would suggest their quality is going to hurt the league.

“There won’t be any easy games for them, though. Let’s wait and see. I don’t know if Newcastle can sustain those sort of players in the league they’re going into.

“I don’t know how much money their benefactor has got and how much they’re willing to gamble on it. I think you’ve got to be pragmatic about it.

“It’s a very, very hard league.”