Newcastle’s Martins: Form improvement is due to lack of social life

The 22-year-old told The Sun: “The secret of my ever-improving goalscoring form is being disciplined, calm and focused.

“I am very reserved and only have a few friends here. I am not a social freak. I stay indoors every night and watch videos of my previous games to help me identify the mistakes. It was not easy coming from quite a different environment with a different style of football and immediately settling down.

“But I want to get into the right form I am used to as soon as possible.

“Newcastle is a cool place and I’m enjoying living here. I live on the Quayside and I love the view of the River Tyne and the bridges.

“My brothers and my sisters and my mum are coming over next week and they will help me to settle.”

Martins left the Serie A due to racial abuse.

He added: “I love England because I am never homesick like I used to be in Italy. The people are friendly.

“The players stand up for each other and the racist taunting one witnessed every week back there is not here.

“The English fans are so passionate about the game and idolise their players.

“The fans in Newcastle want to see me succeed which is awesome. They know my pains and seem to feel for me when I fail to score a goal. Therefore, I want to start compensating them.”