Queiroz happy with display against Spain

Portugal lost the game 1-0 and where knocked out of the World Cup.

“Spain’s circulation of the ball was much more effective. Who has the ball and has better circulation, has more chances of dominating the game,” he told RTP after the match.

“We had our chances, but we could not score. In the end, Spain, for the dominance they had, for the circulation of the ball and the opportunities they created, all that justifies the result.

“It was a shame we could not score with the chances we had, because that would have balanced the game in terms of pitch dominance.

“Portugal made a worthy game, players fought with ambition and desire to win, but today it was not possible. We have to come back stronger.

“We made a great display, the players were fantastic and they should all be congratulated.

“The Portuguese fans have every reason to be proud of the brilliant and worthy way the Portuguese team presented itself at this World Cup.”