Robson: Gerrard-Lampard have proved they can play together

England won 4-1 over Kazakhstan on Saturday with Gerrard and Lampard as a central midfield partnership.

“I was relieved that Lampard and Gerrard stayed on,” he told the Mail on Sunday.

“I have always said that they are our best two central midfield players and can learn to play together.

“I actually saw encouraging signs between them – there was a bit more selflessness about the pair. Gerrard in particular did the unsung defensive work required when the team needed him.

“I hope the experimentation is over. We won playing 4-4-2 in Zagreb; we won the same way yesterday. Why change now?

“And forget the fact that Gerrard and Lampard need defensive cover to work well together. No, they don’t – not unless you’re playing Argentina or Brazil.”