Rome issuses alcohol ban for Champions League final

The authorities are desperate to avoid crowd trouble before, after and during the final.

There are also reported problems with forged tickets as around 5,000 fans without tickets are likely to travel to Rome.

Rome prefect Giuseppe Pecoraro said: “There are no more tickets left to sell, hence, the tickets that are circulating are false.”

He added on the alochol ban: “It will not be a militarised city.

“All the necessary measures have been taken in order to give the best possible image of this city.”

Rome mayor Gianni Alemanno said: “I have asked interior minister Roberto Maroni to have maximum attention from the security officers to avoid any incidents.

“Only several hundred of those fans that do not have a ticket are hooligans.”

“We have placed two meeting points for the fans,” he added.

“One in Piazza Cipro for the Spaniards and the other one in Piazza delle Canestre for the English supporters.”