Shilton: Stop handing out freebie England caps to Becks

Shilton is England’s most capped player with 125 appearances while Becks have 108 appearances.

Shilton said: “I’d be the first to shake David Beckham’s hand if he beats my record.

“But I don’t think anybody should be given England caps.

“I could see the thought process in bringing Beckham on against Kazahkstan because it was obvious they would tire in the last 15 minutes.

“They had done so much running to keep the score where it was.

“We were hoping to get a few goals, and to bring someone on like David, with lots of space on the pitch, who could put some quality balls in and help us get an extra couple more goals, in a way was justifiable.

“But I didn’t think it was justifiable at all to bring him on with two minutes to go against Belarus.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought ‘I don’t know if that’s right.’

“You had Shaun Wright-Phillips on the pitch as well and I didn’t think it was justifiable and I couldn’t see what reason there could be.

“It depends on how long Fabio Capello sees the situation going on like that.

“I’ve been David Beckham’s biggest fan but you’ve got to look at the facts. Is he going to play regularly for a full 90 minutes? You’d have to ask the manager.”