Toronto FC coach: It’s going to be tough

Toronto got help from the three teams in front of them, New York, D.C. Untied and Kansas City, who all lost this weekend.

Toronto are six points behind in the playoff race with four games to play.

Carver said: “It’s going to be tough and we need results to go [our way] because usually you’d like it to be in your own hands and just worry about yourself.

“But the way the results have gone, who’s to say we can’t go and get the three wins or four wins or whatever it needs to get us in there? Everybody is beating everybody, everyone is taking points off each other and nobody’s taking the initiative.”

Carver continued: “I’ve sat down with the guys and said look at this, there’s 12 points to play for, we’re six points behind it, we have to go to New York next week, one of the sides that are just above us, so that’s a six-pointer again. We’ve seen what happened over the weekend — [New York] get beat 5-4 against Colorado and we did a double over Colorado.

“If I can take what I got in the second half [against Houston] and get it for 90 minutes in New York, we’ll win the game.”