Toshack will not quit Wales

The 60-year-old has come under growing pressure after another disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign.

“It has never got to the stage that I have felt that I’ve had enough of this hassle,” said Toschack.

“But I am aware of things that maybe fans are saying. I accept that our results mean we are not in as good a position as we were 12 months ago.

“I am aware of people’s views, but it goes with the territory. But I want a reaction from the players, I have talked to them and they are aware of what is expected.”

He added: “A year ago we had won two home qualifiers, performed well in Germany and Russia and been to Denmark and won a friendly. And they have qualified.

“Everyone was rightly excited about the way the youngsters had played. I was offered a new agreement and accepted, and I don’t remember anyone questioning that.

“But since then it has been a disappointing year, it really has. I can understand people thinking that we have gone backwards from the stage we were at last October when we beat Liechtenstein in Cardiff.”