Trinidad & Tobago star unhappy with valuation

Hyland had been hoping for a move to Serie A however his agent has confirmed that the Belgian club may have priced any potential buyers out of the market.

“I am a bit surprised and disappointed that Zulte value Khaleem at £7million,” Steve Davies told

“Although Khaleem is a very good player and will prove a good investment I believe they are trying to price clubs out of a move for him.

“I am disappointed Zulte spoke to the Italian club as we have a verbal understanding that any negotiations will be done with me and me alone.

“I am also not too worried about the price-tag Zulte have on Khaleem as we have clauses in his contract.

“A lot of agents have been ringing me up about Khaleem but it is up to any interested club to contact Zulte and then they will contact me as we have a verbal agreement that they will tell me first if a club has come in for Khaleem and then we will sit down and discuss things.”